The exchange and cooperation between professional athletes, sports managers, marketing experts, media and business.

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Sports Circus International has established a global network in the world of professional football. We represent and work closely with pro football players, managers, scouts, and agencies helping them find mutually beneficial alliances worldwide.

We offer suggestions, give examples and create connections for intercultural and creative cooperation around the multicolored World of Sport!

International marketing cooperation WIN-WIN Sponsoring conceptions and individual Sports investments – with one another is important and not only here to us on, but in the entire net on special businesses platforms, online communities, and social networks.

We continuously look for players and coaches for consultation and FIFA-licensed agents for exclusive cooperation in the international field.

It needs time. Nobody wants to hear it, but that’s the truth: if you want to have success in the future, you have to be ready to work now.

Jürgen Norbert Klopp

Manager, Liverpool FC

360° Consulting and management

SPORTS CIRCUS INTERNATIONAL – a network of professionals, sports managers, agents, sales and marketing experts from enterprises, and PR-responsible persons from the media world – we create the “right” connections with the “right” partners.

Our consulting emphasis is:
  • Research and business development in existing and new markets in Europe, Asia, and America.
  • Co-operation and participation within the range of the Sport investments
  • Initiation and line of Sport sponsoring projects
  • Sales co-operation
  • Communication/marketing/advertisement/PR
  • Transfer of football players and coaches

We have a constantly growing and verified and international contact network for suitable interest alliances and lasting cooperation between our partners. Would also make us happy to be allowed to welcome you.

We connect know-how in international sport sponsoring with the authority of many years of integrated brand guidance for lasting and unique attention in media and the public.

SPORTS CIRCUS INTERNATIONAL – is an international network of sports and business management experts to connect athletes and enterprises for common win-win situations for holistic 360° communication in the World of Sport.

Our Aspiration:
  • Innovative ways go establish, new Sponsoring forms and make brands come alive
  • Create fan potential and the creation of unique product experiences
  • Response planning, target groups activation, and generation of the “correct” contacts

Are you interested in exclusive partnership and in international cooperation and participation possibilities – do not hesitate and contact us.

An investment fund in the sport is a topic that up-to-date ever more at meaning wins. A topic that football clubs economically to place itself must and for a successful sports practice will be inevitable.

We understand ourselves as representatives of the sport, therefore we pay attention in particular in this sensitive field to a careful search, evaluation, and selection of investment projects and exclusively cooperate with respectable partners.

Our Service:
  • Research of inventive and substantial investment opportunities
  • Project evaluation, Investment deck and Business plan
  • Research and introduction of investment partners
  • Due diligence and approval process
  • Consultant and Intermediate for both parties

For more information about investments within the World of Football and our latest investment opportunities, please contact us.

In an advisory manner we care for our sportsmen holistically in questions of career planning and transfer, sporty and economic development and self-marketing, media and PR relation. We work with exclusive partners from professional sports management, player advisors and agencies, managers, and scouts worldwide to create  ideal possibilities for our mandatory.

Our special field is worldwide international football with our FIFA-certified agents with excellent connections to football clubs worldwide and the National Football Associations / Federations.

Our Service:
  • Career planning
  • Contact and switching worldwide into contractual relations
  • Legal advice and economic security
  • Player presentation, public relations, and marketing.

We set on international quality and not quantity. Are you a young talented player in search of orientation and success within the international football business or already are in the senior level in search of personal consultation and goal-oriented cooperation? – We look forward to your establishment of contact.

FIFA agents, player advisors, managers, and football club scouts – contact us. We are looking forward to working exclusively with you on an on-country referred co-operation.

Use the emotional world of the sport with its well-known associations and fan for your enterprise messages and sales goals. Bring your mark, your products, and services with well-known sports personalities creatively and effectively in connection.

We advise also associations and sportsmen with marketing and sales activities with purposeful concepts and create partnership co-operation.

Our Service:
  • Development of bespoke tailored sales, PR, and marketing conceptions
  • Initiation of testimonial partnerships between athletes and international brands
  • Consultancy of advertising places and the usage of innovative communication channels
  • Events, incentives, and hospitality programs

Rational success in marketing and selling requires today, more than ever creative ideas, individually adapted strategies, and strong cooperation partners in media within an international surrounding field.

Further information receives you on our international side or takes up you with us directly to contact.


We provide professional player management services at all stages of your career. Our experienced Management Team makes all necessary efforts for each individual player to find ‘his’ ideal offer.

We work worldwide together with over 300 clubs from different Divisions and Leagues. We are directly connected to the sports directors, head coaches and the scouting departments.

Our transfer network consists of well selected international FIFA certified agents and scouts who are working for us as our exclusive partners.

Young prospective players profit from our co-operations with international Youth academies and new-talent programs around the world.

Professional experiences from our qualified FIFA licensed agents and specialised lawyers enable mutual agreements between club and player for a co-operative Team work from the beginning.

Our negotiated contracts are based on the official FIFA statutes and are individually adapted to the certain relationship. We are also helping with sponsorship deals, marketing cooperations and media rights selling.

For our clients we work internationally together with specialised lawyers. The fields of law are sports and football rights, tax and financial matters, media rights and personal consultancy in private affairs. beginning.

Our negotiated contracts are based on the official FIFA statutes and are individually adapted to the certain relationship. We are also helping with sponsorship deals, marketing cooperations and media rights selling.

With our International Tax agency partner from London we provide individually optimised international tax solutions to our clients for their football player specific matters and their personal life-circumstances.

Within our international network of marketing experts, agencies and awarded designer, we create impressive and unique player promotion conceptions to attract public awareness, to spread media presence and to maximise finally the market value.

We co-operate with the right persons in all the Marketing departments of the ‘big’ Sport brands worldwide for player related marketing as Testimonials.